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IFC 4.3 in Infrastructure. Watch Video

In today’s world, the exchange of high-quality information between different project parties is crucial for success, especially in the construction industry. To facilitate this process, many standards have been developed to systematize the way data is exchanged. One of the most important standards is IFC 4.3, which has been available to users for some time now. With it, you can describe various domains and exchange information between them.

If you are interested in openBIM, I invite you to watch a webinar recording in which I discuss the most important issues related to the IFC 4.3 standard. You will learn what IFC 4.3 is and which industries can be described using this standard. I will also present what objects and information are included in IFC 4.3, as well as the most important features of Spatial Breakdown Structure and Road Breakdown Structure.

I show also how to export an IFC 4.3 file from the Trimble Quadri program and how to validate IFC files. All of this is to help you make the most of this standard and increase the efficiency of your project.

I invite you to watch the recording below and learn all the details about the IFC 4.3 standard!

Models discussed in the webinar

Model IFC 4.3

The IFC 4.3 model was created in Trimble Quadri software. The model is provided for educational purposes.

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